Exhibition Specifications:

-    85 matted photographic images in identical 25" x 25” frames
-    Label text with title, location, and date  
-    QR Code connects to the NPS.gov site for each photograph
-    Exhibit Overview text
-    Photographers bio and photograph
-    Map of travels.  Photos in the exhibit are displayed in map order.
-    Hand out with map, and stories of some of the photographs
-    Digital images for publicizing the exhibit
-    Digital Image for a 8' x 12' marque wall
-    Inventory/Condition report
-    Exploring America: A Photographic Journey book (2 copies)
Fee$7,500 per 10-week venue, plus incoming shipping.  Longer exhibit times are available
Size260 or more linear feet, can reduce number of images for a smaller space.
Category:   Natural History, Science, Art
Security:   Moderate
​​​​​​​Shipping:   Incoming
Exploring America Traveling Exhibit Summary InformationPrintable PDF.

If you have questions or are interested in getting more information about the "Exploring America Exhibit",  please contact David Hares at 972-393-5484 or email us via Contact Us.  

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