Lectures and Keynote Speaker
Photographer David Hares II is available to lecture as a Keynote  speaker for a variety of audiences including groups, conferences, classes, organizations,  businesses,  non-profits, and school groups.
The Lecture is a journey to explore our great country’s National Parks and the places in between. We will travel around the country (via photographs) Exploring America and tell the stories behind some of the photographs.  
So far these adventures have taken me over 90,000 miles in an attempt to capture the beauty and uniqueness of our country's treasures.  
These photographs are meant to trigger memories of 
times you may have spent in these wonderful places, 
to inspire you to see them again 
or experience them for the first time.  
Join us on this journey Exploring America.

Each year we speak with over 1000 students and have conducted lectures for Museums, TCU Silver Frogs, Retired Teachers, Women's Clubs, Senior Groups, Camera Clubs, Book Clubs, Libraries, Southern Division American Fisheries Society (SDAFS), Non Profits, as well as for many other groups.  Lectures can be scheduled anywhere from about 30 to 90 minutes and can be customized for your group.
For more information please Contact Us.
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